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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Managed Internet Security Subscriptions: Wave of the Future? (Part 6 of 7)

Of all the Internet users who have anti-virus software on their computers, 85% of them had computers that were subsequently infected with a virus or worm! Have you ever had a virus you couldn't get rid of? Has your computer acted funny or has it slowed way down due to a massive spyware infestation? Then you see and know how dangerous and damaging these threats and risks are!

Unfortunately, for consumers seeking security and privacy protection with brand name solutions will find two extremes - complex systems they cannot afford or properly maintain, or consumer-grade technology that doesn't provide adequate protection. If they do find something that fits their budget, it will likely have only a part of what is needed to truly protect a computer, and it won't include free expert support and a security guarantee.

Caution: Don't be lulled into a false sense of security thinking that the anti-virus software that came with your computer is enough protection. Off the shelf anti-virus software does not always protect you from hackers, spyware, remote access tools, Trojan horses, password crackers, keystroke loggers, identity theft tools, Microsoft security holes, hybrid viruses, and much more. And most people let their anti-virus program expire thereby losing protection from everyday viruses and worms.

To be fully protected, you need:
  • at least five layers of overlapping security technologies and services to create a virtual fortress for your PC. Most off-the-shelf and free software offer two, or three at the most, programs. But are they overlapping when they work and when they update?

  • desktop firewall to lock out hackers and other unauthorized intrusions and shield your PC from unauthorized communication both to and from your PC, making your PC virtually invisible to hackers and other intruders randomly scanning the Internet for vulnerable PCs;

  • world-class anti-virus protection, including 24/7 scanning and certification that your incoming and outgoing e-mails attachments are virus-free -- plus scanning of all removable media such as CDs, Zip disks, portable hard drives, and floppies;

  • anti-spyware that continuously monitors, detects, and eliminates all forms of spyware, hacker tools, and malware from your PC including malicious spyware tools, adware, browser hijackers, search hijackers, keyloggers, ghost spammers, remote access tools (RATs), back doors, and many other illegal programs and applications that breach your privacy and security;

  • patch management that will automatically find and fix security holes and other dangerous vulnerabilities in your computer's operating system and software programs that hackers use to break into your computer;

  • security alerts that warns you of brand new viruses, worms, and other security threats as they emerge - including specific recommendations of what to watch out for and how to avoid getting attacked to keep your privacy secured and your PC safe; and to wrap it all together,

  • premium technical support that offers free unlimited expert technical support for any security related problems or issues with options to include online access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), User Guides, Email Support Hotline, and live, expert telephone support by highly trained technicians.

Remember: When you say "No!" to hackers and spyware, everyone wins! When you don't, we all lose!

© MMIX, Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW, Internet Safety Advocate and Educator

About the Author:

Etienne A. Gibbs, Internet Security Advocate and Educator, consults with individuals, small business owners, and home-business entrepreneurs regarding online protection against spyware, viruses, hackers, and other pc-disabling cybercrimes. To obtain more information and receive a free evaluation, visit him

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