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Monday, July 26, 2010

Open Innovation in the Science and Technology Community

Dr. John Ohab is a new technology strategist at the Department of Defense Public Web Program.

The most recent edition of the Office of Naval Research’s Innovation Newsletter explores the increasingly important paradigm of “open innovation,” which is based on the idea that organizations can and should innovate by drawing from external sources of knowledge.

In the newsletter below, you’ll find an article capturing the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Open Innovation forward co-authored by three professors from the Naval Postgraduate School of Business; an article focused on core social technologies and their role in crowd sourcing, intra-government collaboration, and citizen science; an article on massive multiplayer games and insight generation; and an article on Open Innovation and lessons learned within a specific Naval science and technology community of interest.

The Innovation Newsletter is published quarterly and covers a variety of exciting topics. It include articles from scientists, engineers, warfighters, professors, program officers, and others, all sharing their insights and research on a particular field of interest. If you have any recommendations for newsletter topics or articles, e-mail

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