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Monday, April 18, 2011

Penn State Students Learn Navy IT

By Tia Nichole McMillen, NAVSISA Corporate Communications

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (NNS) -- Pennsylvania State University Information Technology (IT) students visited Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Navy Supply Information Systems Activity (NAVSISA) Apr. 15 to learn about challenges and opportunities using SAP software.

Students received several presentations including U.S. Navy IT evolution and unique SAP coding.

"It was a great experience to have fresh, intelligent minds straight from the Penn State Business School visiting NAVSISA, said Capt. Doug Newell, Commanding Officer, NAVSISA. "I was impressed to hear questions and perspectives from students studying SAP—the future of our supply chain. I look forward to enhancing our relationship with these students in the future."

Newell invited the students for a tour of the Defense Information Systems Activity Defense Enterprise Computing Center. Later, a NAVSISA panel answered questions about employment in the federal government.

A product from SAP supports the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning Program, which allows the Navy to unify, standardize and streamline all business activities into one completely integrated system. The result is that the Navy will achieve the highest standards for secure, reliable, accessible and current information; everyone involved in conducting the Navy's business will work using the same procedures and reports.

NAVSISA is the Navy's premier Information Technology provider with responsibility to design, develop and maintain information systems supporting numerous activities in the functional areas of logistics, supply chain management, transportation, finance and accounting.

SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software. SAP (which stands for "Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing") has sales and development locations in more than 75 countries worldwide.

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