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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calling Anonymous- We Need Your Help!

Join Ajay Gupta as he discusses how hacker groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec can help us with forensics; protect online operations and other cyber issues on the BlogTalkRadio Network A few weeks ago, we discussed hacking groups, such as Anonymous and LulzSec, and touched on the notion of state-sponsored hacking. Since the last show, we received numerous comments from listeners theorizing that hacking may be performed by agents of a state or government without actually being sponsored by the government itself. Apparently, it can be easy for a government employee to abuse the aura of official office to cover his own, personal activities.

When a government or an individual within a government (or a news journalist for that matter) misuses their resources to harm individuals, who typically don’t have equal capabilities, what can those individuals do to protect themselves or find the culprit? One wonders, if caught in such a predicament, if there might be some way to call on Anonymous or such groups for help?

Groups like Anonymous certainly have the forensic expertise to determine if the accidental deletion of all blog posts for a year, or an untimely system crash leading to the loss of entire web sites really was an accident or something more sinister. And they can certainly both protect an online operation and respond to threats of cyber actions. But would hacker groups really step in to help? Is that how they operate? And how would ordinary people, who use the Internet for all its wonderful benefits, but may not be ‘technophiles’ make contact with such groups?

Could Anonymous be a hacker A-Team for wronged individuals?

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