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Thursday, December 22, 2011

PC Recycler Takes Security to the Next Level with the Expansion of Their Data Destruction Fleet

Leading data destruction services firm increases the volume of data the firm can securely destroy with addition of the LM-4 Degausser

Chantilly, VA – December 22, 2011 – PC Recycler,, the leading trusted provider of absolutely secure data destruction services, today announced the expansion of their fleet of data destruction equipment, with the new addition of Data Security Inc.’s LM-4 Degausser, the fastest degausser on the market. The LM-4 Degausser will allow PC Recycler to destroy data faster and increase the volume of hard drives or data tapes destroyed per hour.

“The addition of the LM-4 to our fleet of data destruction equipment will allow PC Recycler to continue our commitment to providing our clients with the fastest, most reliable means of destroying data,” stated PC Recycler’s President, Jeremy Farber. “This state-of-the- art technology give us a competitive advantage and we look forward to bringing the LM-4 Degausser out to our client’s sites to see first hand the benefits that this machine provides.”

Degaussing is the only 100% reliable way to sanitize and destroy data and is the method of choice for the CIA, FBI and NSA when it comes to ensuring the permanent destruction of sensitive data. A degausser is a machine that changes the magnetic domain (where the data is stored) of magnetic data storage devices. When the degausser is applied to magnetic domains the information is scrambled into random patterns, making the data stored in the magnetic domain unreadable.  

With the LM- 4 Degausser, PC Recycler, will provide customers with:

           The ability to destroy 1,800 hard drives or data tapes per hour –fast cycle time of the LM-4 will minimize the need for additional resources for media sanitization;

           NAID- certified method to destroy data that meets NSA and DoD requirements for purging classified information;

           Complete destruction of data located on backup LTO and DLT tapes, VHS tapes, cassettes,  and reel-to-reel tapes and other magnetic storage devices; and

           The degausser renders the media completely unusable by damaging and removing the servo data; thus, data can no longer be read from or written on to the magnetic device.

“Shredding does not destroy data completely because data can remain on the shredded pieces of the device. Think about smashing a magnet on the ground, the magnet will break into small pieces, but each piece is still magnetic. Hard drives act in the same manner- even as a shredded piece, the piece still holds the magnetic properties where information is stored. The average data breach in the US costs $7.2 million – degaussing is the absolute solution to avoid that type of loss,” Farber concluded.

About PC Recycler
PC Recycler is a trusted, dependable and discreet provider of absolutely secure data destruction services, as well as environmentally sound removal of end-of-life electronics assets, for corporate and government information security decision makers, who need to protect and defend the integrity of their organizations’ data storage devices. The Chantilly, VA based company, which is known for staying ahead of technology trends in the data destruction industry, provides flexible data shredding and degaussing services that meet or exceed industry standards set by NSA, NAID and DLA Logistics Information Service. Unlike other local providers of data destruction services, PC Recycler specializes in high volume mobile on-site hard drive shredding and degaussing for corporate and federal government data centers.  PC Recycler’s highly trained, attentive data destruction technicians can come to the client site to destroy and remove any type of data storage device discreetly, safely, thoroughly and securely. To learn more about PC Recycler, visit

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