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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Combat Engineers Passing On Some Explosive Knowledge [VIDEO]

The Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System (APOBS) is used to conduct deliberate or hasty breaches through enemy antipersonnel minefields and multi-strand wire obstacle. It is light enough to be carried by two soldiers with backpacks and can be deployed within 30 to 120 seconds. Once set in place, the APOBS rocket is fired from a 35-meter standoff position, sending the line of charge with fragmentation grenades over the minefield and/or wire obstacle. The Grenades neutralize, or clear the mines and sever the wire, effectively clearing a footpath up to 45 meters in length for the troops. It is the lighter, more mission-capable successor to the World War II vintage Bangalore torpedo.

In the video below, soldiers from the 530th Engineer Company train soldiers of the 504th Battlefield Surveillance and 2-38 Cavalry on the APOBS system.

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