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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Public Safety Technology in the News

Law Enforcement News
New App to Fight Terrorism in New York State, (11/24/2015)

"See Something, Send Something," a new free mobile app for iPhone and Android, can be used to report suspicious activity in New York State. The app connects smart phones to the state's intelligence center. It does not replace calling 911; residents should still use that number to report emergencies.
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Pinal Co. Sheriff's Office Debuts New 'Less-lethal' Weapons
News4Tucson, (11/24/2015), Lauren Reimer

The Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff's Office will soon deploy a less-lethal handgun that fires rubber impact cartridges striking with the impact of an 88 mph fastball. The agency is the first in the nation to deploy this new alternative weapon along with traditional handguns and Tasers.
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FBI to Start Tracking Animal Cruelty in 2016
Baltimore Sun, (11/27/2015), Alison Knezevich

In 2016, the FBI will begin national tracking of cases of animal cruelty. Previously, animal-related crimes were reported into a general category in the FBI's National Incident Based Reporting System. Research shows that violence against animals often occurs in conjunction with other crimes, and can be an indicator that a person will also be violent toward other people.
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Report: Bulletproof Vest Saves Officer in Beaumont Standoff, (11/29/2015)

A Beaumont (Texas) officer was saved by his ballistic-resistant vest during a November 29 standoff situation, a department spokesperson said. The agency received reports of shots fired prior to a barricade situation.
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Osceola First County in Central Florida to Implement 911 Texting, (11/30/2015)

Osceola County recently became the first jurisdiction in central Florida and the eighth county in Florida to implement 911 texting. Officials emphasize that the text option should be used only in situations where calling is not an option. At this time, the service does not include the ability to include photos or video.
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Body Armor Saves Pennsylvania EMT
Journal of Emergency Medical Services, (12/01/2015)

A Harrisburg, Pa. area emergency medical technician was stabbed by an elderly patient, but his stab-resistant body armor prevented serious injury. Police had not yet arrived on the scene when the woman lunged at the EMT, stabbing him in the chest and slashing at his abdomen.
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Thornton, Denver Police Departments Use Nunchucks as a Form of Less-Than-Deadly Force
Denver 7, (12/01/2015), Jason Gruenauer

In Colorado, the Thornton and Denver police departments as well as the Denver Sheriff's Office use specialized police nunchucks as a less-lethal force tool, using pressure and torque to replace blunt force. The device allows officers to quickly gain control of an arm or leg and restrain a suspect. The Orcutt Police Nunchaku was developed by Thornton resident Kevin Orcutt.
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Criminals Beware: New Database Is Tracking Your Tattoos
Detroit Free Press, (12/02/2015), John Wisely

The Detroit Police Department now can use a tattoos database created by a Michigan State University professor and containing more than 100,000 images to help identify criminals. Anil Jain, a distinguished professor of computer science and engineering, began creating the database in 2009 using a grant from the FBI. Michigan State Police provided many of the initial images.
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Corrections News
Man Wore GPS Monitoring Device During Burglary, Police Say
Las Vegas Review Journal, (11/24/2015)

The Citrus County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office arrested a Homosassa man and charged him with burglarizing a home and stealing $500 - while wearing a GPS monitoring device. A preliminary background check indicated the man qualifies as a habitual felony offender under Florida law, the sheriff's office said.
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Canyon County Jail Offering Tablets to Inmates
KIVI TV 6, (11/30/2015), Karen Lehr

Idaho's Canyon County has begun giving inmates access to wireless tablets that allow inmates to send secure messages to their families and access photos, music and games. The tablets also gives inmates access to tools for filing grievances, making requests and submitting crime tips and PREA reports. San Francisco-based Telmate Tablets provides the tablets at no cost, and inmates pay five cents per minutes to use certain features, such as texting. Jail staff monitors all activity on the devices.
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Feds: Man Wearing Electronic Monitor Held Girl Captive
Crimesider, (11/30/2015)

Trial has been set for a Cincinnati man who allegedly held a 14-year-old girl captive for months while wearing an electronic monitoring device in conjunction with another offense. The man has pleaded not guilty.
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New Scanning Device Headed to Rikers Can Detect Contraband Inside Bodies
New York Post, (11/29/2015), Philip Messing and Jamie Schram

New York City has purchased 10 Cellsense Plus portable scanners that can detect all concealed cellphones and small weapons within 15 seconds. The Department of Correction has been faced with a recent surge in smuggled contraband.
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