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Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Just Science Podcast Series Disseminates Real World Research and Practice

The Center for Forensic Sciences at RTI International is producing a podcast series, funded in part by the FTCoE and led by FTCoE staff, called Just Science, a concerted effort with community/industry/discipline leaders to disseminate research and real world practice to a wide audience, thus sparking conversations and innovations within the field. Just Science will explore new technologies and systems that provide more efficient ways of delivering quantitative results, as well as the human factors that go into producing solid data. The first season, titled "Numbers," will give listeners content focusing on issues that forensic scientists are faced with, such as error data or proof of data. Various interviewees will discuss forensically relevant topics including optical topography, DNA mixtures, forensic laboratory management, the psychology of latent fingerprint examination and subjective probability. Check out the first five episodes at

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