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Friday, August 11, 2017

Don't Get Hacked by Ransomware: Get Personal Cyber Security with Rubica

Are you worried about your computer getting hacked by ransomware? Unfortunately, these days the threat of getting hit by a well-planned global cyber-attack is all too real. The recent WannaCry cyber-attacks in May 2017 proved that you could affect computers and software all over the world. Over 150 countries were left scrambling to deal with the fallout after software and computers were hit by a particularly vicious strain of ransomware.

I was hacked by ransomware, and let me tell you, it is not something that anyone wants to deal with. So many of us use our computers and tablets on a daily basis, and I was no exception. Then all of a sudden, my laptop froze up and a message demanding ransom to unblock my private information appeared. I eventually got it worked out, but what was really crazy was what I found out later-- that the attacks were so effective because they allegedly used technology hacked from the U.S.'s NSA programs.

So you can see yourself just how dangerous these cyber-attacks can get. When they're utilizing top of the line coding to hack into people's computers and devices, it suddenly becomes apparent how an outdated system on an old computer or even a relatively new one can be hacked by ransomware. Your only choice is to protect your systems before they get hacked.

People with personal information or important files on their computers should be particularly aware of the dangers. At any moment, a cyber-attack could launch and you could be one of the thousands of people around the world that is affected. Cyber security is important because it is your best shot at avoiding being hacked. If you think that you can't get hacked, think again. The numbers on how cyber-attacks are increasing are staggering when you really look at them, and the numbers don't lie.

It's not just corporations and governments getting hacked either: global cyber-attacks and ransomware are affecting regular people. The WannaCry attack alone got to 300,000 computers and software in over a hundred countries and shut down the workings of transportation, banking, hospitals, businesses, personal computers and more around the world in the span of a few hours. A virus or cyber-attack could strike your computer at any moment, so you need to be protected.

What's more, cyber-attacks are projected to go up in the upcoming years. From 2013 to 2015 alone, the number of cybercrimes quadrupled. A new report from Cybersecurity Ventures says that damages from cyber threats and attacks will rise to $101 billion in 2018 and skyrocket to an incredible $6 trillion by the time 2021 arrives only three years later.

Seeing those numbers, you can expect to be affected by some type of attack in the next five years. With that in mind, it makes sense to be protected. Privacy and cyber security programs like
Rubica have helped me regain peace of mind knowing that I finally have a team on my side to protect personal cyber security from ransomware attacks or hacking in general that might happen in the future. Digital security is very important, and having a staff that is constantly monitoring threats to my computer makes me feel secure because I know that I'm protected.

No one knows when the next ransomware attack will occur. Protect yourself with the type of security that only an app with a cyber ops team can provide. Download Rubica and give your cyber security a suit of armor strong enough to stand up to today's cyber threats.

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