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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Innovative Technology Helps Responders After Mass Violence Events

Visit to read a new article from the National Institute of Justice, "Using Innovative Technology to Investigate Targeted Mass Violence: What the Future Holds," which was originally published in the International Association of Chiefs of Police's magazine, The Police Chief.
After a mass violence event, law enforcement officers and other response personnel must work quickly to secure the scene, protect the public from further harm and begin investigation. In these often-chaotic crime scenes, new technology can improve investigation safety and efficiency. This article discusses several new tools, including:
  • Hyperspectral cameras that can detect chemical stains, latent fingerprints and bodily fluids.
  • 3D-scanning scene reconstruction for estimating the size and location of a charge after an explosion.
  • Unmanned aircraft systems used to map and document complex crime scenes.

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