Thursday, July 9, 2020

What’s Your Eye Chart Saying? How Our Beliefs Filter Our Views

Eye ExamWebinar Summary : When was the last time you had your eyes examined? Just as the health of our vision is maintained through regular eye exams, the way in which we see the world is maintained through self-awareness and broadening our perspectives. In the midst of quarantines, telework, and increased isolation from both friends and colleagues, we are also living through a time of social unrest. For many people, this time in history has brought new insights into the criminal justice system and interaction across cultures and life experiences.

Date and Time : August 20th, 2020 / 10 am PT / 11 am MT /12 pm CT / 1 pm ET for one hour

If you are interested in improving your cultural “eye sight,” this one-hour interactive webinar sponsored by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is for you! Our vision for how we view and perceive others is impacted by our individual beliefs, values, and past experiences. In this webinar, we’ll explore preconceptions and techniques that can be used to understand how other people see the world. By gaining insight into your own personal filters, you will be able to engage in difficult conversations and begin to develop a greater sense of awareness and empathy that starts with YOU.

Take Aways:
Prepare to learn how to develop your H.U.E.:

  • H elp with cultural considerations toward effective communication in corrections;
  • U nderstand how your preconceptions and values influence your vision;
  • E nhance your ability to navigate shared experiences.

Alfranda Durr, CEO ALD & Associates LLC
Kari Heistad, CEO Cultural Coach International

Alfranda (Al) and Kari are Certified Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners with 40 plus years of combined experience conducting in-person and virtual training on a wide range of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion topics. Al and Kari have partnered on a popular diversity webinar series covering a wide range of diversity topics. Combined, Al and Kari bring diverse perspectives and ways of seeing the world to their presentations.

Who Should Attend?
Any employee of a state, federal, or local correctional jurisdiction.

How Do I Register?
Follow this link to register in NIC’s WebEx Event Center

If you encounter difficulty in accessing the registration link, please work with your local / agency IT to see if local /agency firewall settings / pop up blockers / security settings are preventing you from accessing NIC’s webinar url ( and/or the webinar registration link.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

Content Contact
Belinda D. Stewart, Correctional Program Specialist, Prison’s Division

Webinar Technical Contact
Leslie LeMaster, Correctional Program Specialist, Academy Division

How Do I Participate Effectively In a WebEx Event Center Webinar? How Do I Get Ready?

Webinar AttendeeFor the best experience in your next NIC WebEx Event Center webinar, you’ll need a hands-free telephone, headset or earbuds, and an internet-enabled computer. For optimum learning, be in a quiet place, free from distractions/interruptions, sight-and-sound separated from others, where you can concentrate on what is happening during the webinar. A separate office space with a door to close is an ideal setting. Connect to the webinar audio bridge via a hands-free telephone, using earbuds/headset connected to your phone/cell phone, so your hands are free to interact with your keyboard.

While tablets and smartphones are also compatible with WebEx Events Center, several of the features are limited, and most devices require that the Cisco WebEx app is installed. Regardless of which device you plan to use, test its compatibility here. This is a quick test, and we strongly encourage you to do this before the webinar. If your browser does not pass the test, contact Webex Technical Support at 1-877-669-1782 and tell them you will be attending an NIC webinar on NIC’s Webex site at . They can help you troubleshoot connectivity issues.

NIC strongly recommends consulting with your agency/local IT , as you may encounter pop-up blocking and/or firewall issues that block the NIC Webex webinar url.

Click for further information on NIC’s live webinars, incuding the answers to many frequently asked questions such as “What is the cost of the webinar? (Free!), how to obtain training credit from your agency, if the webinar will be recorded (YES!!), how to get your system ready to access the webinar" and much more!

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