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Thursday, May 27, 2010

PEO IWS Releases Open Architecture Contract Guidebook Update

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Program Executive Officer Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO-IWS), as chair of the Naval Open Architecture Enterprise Team (OAET), released version 2.0 of the Naval Open Architecture (NOA) Contract Guidebook for Program Managers May 27.

"The Naval Open Architecture Contract Guidebook is a valuable resource available to program managers and contracting officers across the Naval Enterprise as they seek to implement Open Architecture (OA) principles in national security systems," said Chris Deegan, executive director, PEO IWS.

"This new version is particularly timely because it supports the Navy's redoubled efforts to reduce total ownership cost by encouraging software reuse and increased competition in source selection, as well as promoting the prudent use of open source software."

The initial NOA Contract Guidebook was released by the OAET in July 2006 as a compendium of contracting best practices and lessons learned from across the Naval Enterprise. It was first updated in October 2007.

This latest version of the guidebook contains new information and contract clauses, including a new H clause, requiring contractor identification of open source software in deliverables; statement of work (SOW) language on using integrated development environments; SOW language on software code walkthroughs; product re-use demonstrations; and references to Naval Air Systems Command's Key Open Sub-Systems tool.

A publically-released version of the NOA Contract Guidebook is available for download as a PDF under the "tools" section of the Naval Open Architecture Web site at

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