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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gsecurity, Inc. Launches New Service Offering to Ensure Greater Cloud Security

Gsecurity, Inc. Launches New Service Offering to Ensure Greater Cloud Security Leading Cybersecurity Consulting Firm Identifies Key Qualifiers to Use to Assess and Grade Client’s Cloud Providers

Greenbelt, MD, June 28, 2011 – Gsecurity, Inc., a business-minded cybersecurity and information technology consulting firm, announced today the launch of a new service offering to better educate and assist their clients with assessing their cloud providers and their overall cloud security. Gsecurity’s founder Ajay Gupta has designed a formal checklist to evaluate the security of cloud providers and ensure their service offerings and operational practices match the clients’ internal practices, personalized needs and the clients’ risk profile.  

“In consulting clients both in the private and public sector, we’re finding that many do not have the knowledge or the background in being able to identify whether or not their cloud provider is addressing and meeting their security needs,” said Gupta. “As the Federal Government and the Private Sector continue to engage in cloud-based applications there is a great need for security measures to be built in and for the end-user to be educated in how to assess their provider and their risk profile.”

At a time where knowledge and understanding for cybersecurity is at an all time high and as innovations in business and personal technology are occurring faster than we can comprehend or keep up with, Gupta sees this as a great opportunity for Gsecurity to be organizations and individual’s guide through all the tech advances that impact business’s performance. Gsecurity expands consulting services to enable organizations, to not only understanding their risk profile and how to secure their electronic assets, but to understand how to minimize risk as they engage in cloud-based technology solutions and move more towards the cloud.

About Gsecurity, Inc.
Gsecurity, headquartered in Greenbelt, MD, is a business-minded cybersecurity consulting firm that designs, deploys and manages robust IT security systems and processes for legal, health care, nonprofit and other organizations operating in demanding and sophisticated environments, who need to protect and secure the vital information and intellectual property assets they depend upon for competitive viability and sustainability. The Gsecurity team of senior-level IT security professionals is guided by strategic problem-solving approaches in health IT, ERP, eDiscovery/forensics, green technology and disaster recovery/business continuity planning that balance both security needs and business realities. Gsecurity is relentlessly focused on improving the business productivity and protecting the long-term competitive advantage of its clients and is the only cybersecurity consulting firm that includes a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis with every client recommendation and that balance both security needs and business realities.  For more information on Gsecurity please visit or call (301)345 -7595.

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