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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Technology Today’s Host Ajay Gupta to Interview Email Innovator and 2011 Stevie Award Finalist, Raj Kherra, CEO of MailerMailer

On June 16th, the #1 rated technology talk show on Internet Radio discusses the innovations in business and personal technology and their influence on business diversity.

Innovations in business and personal technology are occurring faster than we can comprehend or keep up with. Everyone claims that innovation is critical for thriving business and a growing economy. As the business landscape become more and more digital, we need to understand how to be innovative in this new ecosystem and how to use technology to innovate in all areas of business, from sales and marketing to product development and customer service.

This week, we speak with Raj Khera, CEO of MailerMailer, whose mission is to provide a robust, do-it-yourself email marketing solution with powerful message creation features and an elegant, user-friendly email management system.

Reshaping the e-mail marketing management system – MailerMalier was named a 2011 finalist in the Computer Services category for a Stevie Award for its industry-leading Email Marketing Metrics Report.

When we speak with Raj, we’ll break down how the Email Marketing Metrics Report was created and how the final report relays critical data that allows businesses to analyze and improve the effectiveness of their email campaign’s performance by comparing their progress to a variety of industry benchmarks.

We’ll also discuss how innovations that help businesses diversify and grow can come in many shapes and sizes and from unexpected areas.
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