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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Healthcare IT—What Will Its Future Look Like?

Join Ajay Gupta as he discusses the direction of Healthcare IT and what the future looks like for patients, practitioners and health systems on the BlogTalkRadio Network

On our last Healthcare IT episode, we discussed some of the security concerns in marrying information technology with the health care industry.  But, what are the benefits of such a union?  Will electronic health records be as portable and as secure as they say they are?  Will practitioners be able to send electronic files quickly, efficiently, and more accurately, so that other health care providers can access a patient’s history and make life or death decisions? Finally, how quickly will health care systems evaluate, invest and integrate expensive IT solutions, like remote access to physicians, robotics, and how will it all translate into patient care? This week, we talk about the current vision of Healthcare IT and the possibilities for the industry as a whole. 

The most common vision of what may be possible in today’s environment is in the field of electronic medical records.  Will these records easily travel with patients so that a physician on vacation in sunny California can access a patient’s full medical history and be able to treat the patient back home in Boston?  But is that it?  Or will there still be a need for a health care provider to still be physically involved?

This week, we'll discuss what other solutions and services are being dreamed up, developed and delivered by the medical community and IT developers. Which ones will work and why?  If you work as a health care practitioner or design and deliver IT solutions for this sector, you will want to Join Us! We’ll take your comments and calls, Live and On The Air on this topic on Thursday, September 1st at 4pm Eastern.  

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