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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


If military science interests you, you’ll probably love police technology.

By Nicole Collins, Public Affairs Specialist, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

SAN DIEGO – When is the last time you tucked away your iHome, iPad or HDTV instruction manual in the nearest junk drawer at home? Is Google your first source when troubleshooting a problem when your home technology goes array?

Today, information technology (IT) sailors in the fleet are enjoying a recently deployed technology, SAILOR 2.1, which allows sailors to simply download technical manuals to troubleshoot on board ship software and hardware operating systems. Version 2.1 officially launched and was available to the fleet and some Marine expeditionary sites Sept. 15.

Once plagued with cumbersome technical manuals that cost the Department of Navy, and ultimately the Department of Defense, a pretty penny, SAILOR (SPAWAR Acquisition Integrated Logistics Online Repository), is leading the charge in assisting with fleet readiness, training and ensuring that all systems are operational prior to deploying.

Developed by the Navy’s Information Systems Dominance Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), and originally designed for sailors between the ages of 18 and 30, SAILOR provides a comprehensive interface that includes video streaming capabilities, and offers features such as “tech tube,” similar to You Tube, that allows sailors to download “how to” troubleshooting videos.

Sound complicated? Not really. SAILOR allows the fleet to complete training, trouble shoot ship operating systems and provides technical support from a live help desk, something that was not possible before.

Additionally, sailors underway can exchange information with the SAILOR help desk through blogs and forums that rapidly decreases troubleshooting response time in getting systems fully operable while underway.

Today, sailors can ditch the cumbersome technical manuals and sign online to SAILOR 2.1 when needing assistance with trouble shooting.

Feel free to check out the website and watch the new SAILOR 2.1 video below!

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