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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Different View

STS-116 astronaut Bob Curbeam met the NASA logo up close on his Dec. 14, 2006, spacewalk, during which he performed tasks to complete the International Space Station.

During space shuttle Discovery’s mission to the station, the STS-116 crew added the P5 spacer truss segment and rewired the station’s power system, preparing it to support the station’s final configuration and the arrival of additional science modules. A fourth and final spacewalk was added to allow the crew to retract solar arrays that had folded improperly.

Curbeam was selected as an astronaut in 1994 and subsequently flew on three space shuttle missions. During the STS-116 mission, he became the first shuttle astronaut to conduct four spacewalks in a single mission. Curbeam also flew on STS-85 in August 1997 and STS-98 in February 2001. He accumulated 45 hours and 34 minutes of spacewalking time and more than 900 hours in space.

Image Credit: NASA

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