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Monday, July 16, 2012

Salient Federal Solutions Invited to Present Case Study on the Industry-Led CUIS Initiative at TechNet Mid-America Event

The vision for transportation and logistics providers to implement the CUIS infrastructure so the U.S. military supply chain may achieve substantial mission critical operational efficiencies and cost savings.

FAIRFAX, VA – July 16, 2012- Salient Federal Solutions, Inc. (Salient), a leading provider of information technology, supply chain, and intelligence analytic services to agencies in the intelligence, defense, homeland security, and federal civilian markets, announced today it will present their case study on the Common Universal Interoperability Standards (CUIS) Initiative at TechNet Mid-America. This event, held in Collinsville, IL July 16 - 18, will be sponsored by the St. Louis Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).

The 2012 theme "Leading Change: Creating Tomorrow's Transportation and Technology Solutions Today" serves as the central focus for topics and discussion. Salient’s Vice President of Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Division, Paul Regazzi, will be on hand to discuss new concepts and ideas to address today’s challenges and promote efficiency and effectiveness on topics including transportation and technology.

As part of the presentation, Regazzi will present a case study for the reduction of logistics costs with the application of a concept entitled “Common Universal Interoperability Standards (CUIS)”. Regazzi will present an ISO and ANSI standards-based initiative for expanding beyond EDI cargo movement transactions to a wider spectrum of the U.S. military supply chain.

“Salient recognizes the extremely difficult economic and operational challenges imposed upon our DoD transportation and logistics customers,” Says Bill Parker, COO of Salient. “We are proud of our team’s ability to achieve transportation and logistics cost savings while our nation is at war and we hope our industry colleagues will join us in this industry-led initiative to proactively serve our warfighters.”

Although government interoperability standards exist, the failure to implement these standards with industry transportation and logistics stakeholders contributes to an increased cost of logistics operations and results in missed opportunities to create significant benefits. Salient is leading the industry to proactively adopt, adapt, and augment government interoperability standards to close the gap between the military and critical industry stakeholders such as commercial shippers, carriers, and other transportation service providers. Salient’s vision is that fellow DoD transportation and logistics providers will implement the CUIS infrastructure so the U.S. military supply chain may achieve mission critical operational efficiencies and cost savings.

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About Salient Federal Solutions: Salient Federal Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of Federal IT and engineering solutions enabling government and industry to respond quickly to new or surge mission requirements with exactly the right people, skills, expertise, and technical solutions. The company works to accelerate mission impact by delivering highly adaptable technology services, engineering solutions, and domain expertise enabling customers to rapidly meet the pressing requirements of today, while anticipating tomorrow's evolving challenges. Salient Federal Solutions is headquartered in Fairfax, Va., with offices in Colorado Springs, Orlando, San Diego, and Tampa. More information is available at

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