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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TSC San Diego Focuses on Energy Conservation

SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- Training Support Center (TSC) San Diego, installed its 97th energy saver motion sensor July 31.

Sonar Technician 1st Class Jimmy Combs, TSC San Diego's energy conservation manager oversees the project and is responsible for locating areas that need motion sensors and ensuring new ones are installed.

"These sensors alone have saved us $25,000 and reduced energy costs by 17 percent for fiscal year 2011. The motion sensors turn off room lighting based on the movement in the room, applying the last man rule to a room's lighting even if the occupants forget," said Combs. "The sensors also allow the building monitor to focus on more important matters other than lighting when securing the building for the day."

The learning support center began installing the sensors in August 2011 to comply with a 2007 executive order to reduce energy. The install project supports Naval Base San Diego's (NBSD) commitment to reduce energy 30 percent by 2015. TSC San Diego, however, had already started reducing its use of energy as early as 2003.

"TSC continues to lead NBSD's tenant commands in its commitment to changing behavior in regards to effective energy conservation measures," said Jeffery Jacobson, NBSD's resource efficiency manger. "Classrooms are dark when unoccupied, computers are off when not in use, and all unnecessary equipment is secured. TSC leadership should be very proud of the efforts by all personnel who are reducing energy."

"It's important to cut costs and especially cut wastes wherever possible. This will ensure that more funds will be able to support our forces that are deployed," said Combs.

TSC San Diego includes three geographically separate service support centers that support 15 independent learning sites within the San Diego region. The command supports both surface Navy and aviation schools and averages 60,000 students per year.

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