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Monday, October 29, 2012

AF to save $2.6 million with electronic record scoring system

by Tech. Sgt. Steve Grever
Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO - RANDOLPH, Texas – Air Force officials implemented an electronic record scoring system in July for all central officer promotion boards. The new system is projected to save the service more than $2.6 million once it is adopted across all total force components.
The electronic Board Operations Support System, or eBOSS, allows board members to use ergonomic, touch-screen workstations with user interfaces similar to a smartphone or tablet computer to view and score digital personnel records. The stations are also height adjustable to allow board members to sit or stand while scoring records.

“eBOSS eliminates the need and subsequent costs of administrative assistants. Future efficiencies and manpower savings will occur incrementally as record management activities are dramatically reduced,” said Col. Ramona Dolson, AFPC promotion board secretariat director.
Many board members who used eBOSS during central officer boards in June and September said they had positive experiences using the new scoring system.

“Senior leaders at all levels were impressed with the system’s performance. Additionally, eBOSS was even more efficient for staff members than we originally thought, as a single technician could complete work that was previously very manpower intensive,” said Lt. Col. Steve Zubowicz, AFPC promotion board secretariat operations chief.
The Air Force first used eBOSS for line captains and major/lieutenant colonel medical service corps boards in July and then for the colonel, lieutenant colonel and major medical/dental corps central selection boards in September. Officials will implement eBOSS incrementally as interfaces are developed for existing promotion and vectoring systems. In 2013, eBOSS is scheduled to be used for active duty, senior non-commissioned officer evaluation boards.

Dolson stressed that Airmen need to ensure their personnel records are accurate in the Personnel Records Display Application linked from the myPers website before they are accessed during central officer boards. Each Airman’s record will meet an eBOSS-administered board from the information recorded in PRDA. AFPC’s Board Secretariat will no longer maintain paper selection records on officers starting in 2013.

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