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Monday, October 8, 2012

AFSPC Milestone: USAF announces the creation of a Cyber Numbered Air Force

10/8/2012 - Peterson AFB, Colo. -- As Air Force Space Command approaches its 30th Anniversary on 1 Sep, here is a significant milestone from the command's history...

On 6 October 2008, the United States Air Force announced that a new numbered Air Force, 24th Air Force, would be stood up and would gain the cyber warfare mission as part of AFSPC. This announcement came following the annual Corona conference, held 1-3 October 2008, in which senior Air Force leaders gathered to discuss a wide range of issues, including the organization of Air Force cyber forces.

It was recognized at the time that the Air Force needed to begin to operationally leverage the cyber domain in order to continue to deliver combat power across the globe.

Twenty-fourth Air Force would be aligned under AFSPC because it was determined the integration of the cyber and space domains would allow the Air Force to capitalize on inherent synergies found in space and cyberspace architectures, processes, skill sets and training.

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