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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emergency management team's on-scene

by Airman 1st Class Kenna Jackson
35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

3/20/2013 - MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- "For the first day of the exercise, I think we did well," said Staff Sgt. Zack Kilmer, 35th Civil Engineer emergency management craftsman, "We got here quickly and we took care of the problem the way we've been trained."

The emergency management team set the bar with the base' s first operational readiness exercise of the year.

Late this morning, as part of the exercise, emergency management teams participated in a scenario where a simulated biological hazard was discovered at the Richard Bong Theater.

Although each emergency responder has been trained in dealing with hazardous material, it is always a new experience when working with other responders, said Kilmer.

"When we're not dealing with real world situations we're always training and updating our skills," said Kilmer, "However, it's an entirely new experience when working with others. Now you're not just worrying about yourself and what your team is doing, but you're keeping track of everyone else."

However, Kilmer added, participating in exercises like this gives emergency response teams the opportunity to work on things that are not that they don't really have to worry about on their own.

"Communication is key in this game," said Master Sgt. Ronald D'aniello, 35 CE exercise evaluation team member. "We don't get to talk to the others [first responders] like we do during the exercise. When we're all together like this, it's easier."

Despite not dealing with other responders on a daily basis, the teams did well together.
"I think we did very well," said Kilmer. "We got everybody out here on time and we did our jobs like the professionals we are."

"I am very proud of the way things went," said Senior Master Sgt. Dorian Dillon, 35th CES superintendent of fire emergency services flight. "People showed a lot of hard work and improvement. It was evident everyone was making an effort to get smarter and showed a great sense of realism and urgency."

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