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Thursday, October 31, 2013

DISA Consolidates Dayton, Chambersburg Data Center Operations

Defense Information Systems Agency News Release

WASHINGTON, Oct. 31, 2013 – The Defense Information Systems Agency recently closed data center operations in Dayton, Ohio, and Chambersburg, Pa., and transferred the functions of these centers to other Defense Enterprise Computing Centers.

The reallocation of operations from Dayton and Chambersburg enables the agency to consolidate and converge existing information technology infrastructures to gain financial and operational efficiencies across the enterprise. It also supports the adoption of the Joint Information Environment, a major Department of Defense initiative designed to provide a consolidated, collaborative, and secure JIE that enables end-to-end information sharing and interdependent enterprise services across the department.

JIE will enable secure, seamless access to information regardless of computing device or location.

DISA and the military departments are aggressively consolidating their data centers and information technology infrastructure.

This consolidation will establish a core computing infrastructure that provides assured and ubiquitous access to vital enterprise services and aggregates computing services and infrastructure requirements to gain economic efficiencies of scale.

About 30 civilian employees were affected by these closures. All were reassigned to other positions within DOD or elected to retire from federal service.

Through a diverse portfolio of information technology capabilities, DISA's DECCs provide a common platform that enhances operational effectiveness and facilitates increased collaboration for the DOD.

DISA remains focused on providing standardized, robustly interconnected data centers that are available to support the combatant commands, military services, and agency requirements as needed. DISA is also committed to providing cutting-edge, secure, and globally accessible technologies in support of mission partners, regardless of agency or military service affiliation.

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