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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sharing is learning

by Staff Sgt. Amber R. Kelly-Herard
Air Mobility Command Public Affairs

10/17/2013 - SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill.  -- Blog or website? Book or MP3? App or software?

The Air Mobility Command Enterprise Learning Office created the Learning Resources site for Mobility Airmen's input on their preferred learning resources, both personal and professional.

The ELO's mission is to transform AMC into a premier Air Force learning organization, achieve learning through optimum approaches and develop Mobility Airmen into life-long learners and well cultivated critical thinkers with a positive approach to managing their own learning.

"It is critical that we transform our learning culture and ensure we are using the most cost effective approach to get the outcome needed using a combination of all learning methods," said Gen. Paul Selva, AMC commander. "Our Airmen need to have on-duty time to improve their intellectual fitness just like we encourage their physical is that important."

AMC is incorporating andragogical principles into learning events.

Andragogy is adult learning; whereas pedagogy is associated with children. Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to the learning environment, are goal oriented and self-directed.

Adult learning principles are already incorporated into some learning events developed by the USAF Expeditionary Center and some functional training.

The ELO will spread these pockets of excellence across the command and work to ensure Airmen learn using the best combination of tools and approaches. Many times this means incorporating an AMC 2.0 approach to learning in which interactive, open communication sharing and collaboration using modern technology plays a more important role than just accessing information.

An example of how andragogy and AMC 2.0 have already been employed took place recently in the installation support community. Previously, joint base commander orientation training consisted of five hours of PowerPoint. After an AMC 2.0 makeover, the training had pre-work commanders could complete on their own time. When the commanders met for training, they all had the same level of prior knowledge and could spend more time interacting and sharing information.

"This is a targeted approach to increase learning value while reducing costs and transforming our learning culture to develop Airmen who are self-directed, lifelong learners and an organization that is skilled at modifying our behavior to reflect changes in the environment, capabilities and knowledge," said Dr. Darcy Lilley, AMC chief learning officer.

As an organization who values learning, AMC challenges Airmen to think innovatively, share their knowledge, have the courage to fail and reach new levels of expertise.

To visit the Enterprise Learning Office's learning resources site, you will find their page on the AMC SharePoint website.

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