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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gsecurity, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with Firebird Agency

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Leading Cybersecurity Consulting Firm Teams with Experienced Non-profit Consultant to Deliver Strategic Best Practices to those in the Non-profits Sector who are working towards a greater good

Greenbelt, MD, October 4, 2011 – Gsecurity, Inc., a business-minded cybersecurity and information technology consulting firm, announced today their partnership with Firebird Agency, a firm that specializes in management, consulting and international marketing services for Non-profits. Through this partnership, Gsecurity and Firebird will use their individual expertise to provide top quality management, marketing & outreach, social media, technology and security consulting services to deliver an extended value- added to the Non-profit & Association community, enabling them to perform their missions more effectively and raise their level of service.

“The work that Non-profits do is vital to bettering the community at large,” said Ajay Gupta, President & Founder of Gsecurity, “unfortunately, many of these organizations do not have the infrastructure in place that would allow them to provide a higher level of service to their members and supporters. Through our partnership with Firebird, we’re looking forward to improving Nonprofits’ infrastructures to help them continue to do the important work that they do, in the pursuit of their overall mission.”

Along with bringing strategic management, marketing & technology consulting services into the non-profit space, both companies will be leveraging each other’s capabilities and expertise in addressing the issues affecting these organizations, especially as the economy continues to put increased strain on Non-profit’s already restrained budgets. Non-profits will learn how they can streamline their costs, improve the management of their teams, increase ROI and implement solutions and strategies that address today’s top technology concerns, such as cybersecurity, so that they can be protected against threats that would impact their good work.

The greater benefit of Gsecurity and Firebird’s partnership will be felt by clients, who will be able to leverage technology and operating best practices to increase productivity & efficiency, grow their membership, and achieve greater results without increasing expenses.

Steve Thomas, President of Firebird commented, “We’re excited about this partnership and looking forward to helping Non-profits take the next step through providing them with an overall management plan and strategic insight to the creation and implementation of technology solutions and services that are critical to the success of a Non-profit in the ever-evolving business landscape and increase profitability.”

About Firebird Agency
Firebird Agency is a firm that specializes in best-practices non-profit management, consulting and international marketing. They provide startup, change management, growth and transition services for non-profits. With over 10 years experience, Firebird aims at helping non-profits be successful organizations. They also provide translation, international strategic marketing and event planning services. Firebird has brought success to non-profits (charities, trade associations and educational institutions) as well as embassies, government agencies, businesses and individuals. For more information about Firebird Agency, please visit

About Gsecurity, Inc.
Gsecurity, headquartered in Greenbelt, MD, is a business-minded cybersecurity consulting firm that designs, deploys and manages robust IT security systems and processes for legal, health care, nonprofit and other organizations operating in demanding and sophisticated environments, who need to protect and secure the vital information and intellectual property assets they depend upon for competitive viability and sustainability. The Gsecurity team of senior-level IT security professionals is guided by strategic problem-solving approaches in health IT, ERP, eDiscovery/forensics, green technology and disaster recovery/business continuity planning that balance both security needs and business realities. Gsecurity is relentlessly focused on improving the business productivity and protecting the long-term competitive advantage of its clients and is the only cybersecurity consulting firm that includes a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis with every client recommendation and that balance both security needs and business realities.  For more information on Gsecurity please visit or call (301)345 -7595.

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