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Sunday, October 16, 2011

VIDEO: Field Refractive Error Correction Kit (FRECK) Helps Afghans Improve Vision

By Carla Voorhees

Medical care is a rare and valuable resource in Badghis Province, Afghanistan. A military Ophthalmologist traveled to train medics how to conduct eye exams. He demonstrated the use of the Field Refractive Error Correction Kit (FRECK), an eye examination kit, standardized and simplified for field use and packed into a luggage-sized case. The FRECK is capable of servicing and providing glasses to an entire village in one visit.

After the medical training, Reynolds provided examinations to villagers on site and demonstrated the capabilities of the FRECK. Villagers of all ages arrived at the district hospital in hopes of correcting their eyesight; an essential ability in daily life for the villagers whose occupation ranges from agricultural work to providing security.

The goal, if the FRECK is a success, is to build the capacity of the Afghan government’s health programs and to demonstrate to local citizens the government’s ability to provide medical care to them.

Air Force Staff Sergeant Chad Usher was there as local Afghans improve their vision. Soundbites include LTC. Mark Reynolds – Opthalmologist, Mohammad Ibrahim Grafftar – Morghab District Governor and Rahis Abdul – Qibcaq Shura Leader. Produced by SSgt. Chad Usher.

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