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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Healthcare IT –Technology’s Unintended Consequences

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Technology Today is dedicated to discussing all the positive effects technology has had on society from smart phones to online education - and in the show, we've really only begun to scratch the surface on the myriad of topics. But while technology has had a huge effect on everyday life, nothing is perfect.  This week, we talk about a situation where technology, unintentionally, has led to some negative consequences.

For example, advances in medical science and technology, now allow young people with formerly fatal health conditions to live well into adulthood, allowing families who have children with such conditions to enjoy a relatively normal family life. We constantly encourage health care professionals and the medical industry to make new discoveries and breakthroughs.   However, these life extending treatment options, can not only be costly but take years away from a normal childhood—by keeping the child out of school sometimes for years.  And as a result, keeping a parent at home to care for and comfort the child -- meaning the loss of income and sometimes creating such a stressful environment that eventually breaks apart the family unit.  However, after enduring years of life extending health care in terms of procedures, protocols and medicines as a child, these same children get lost as young adults.  The same services, resources and care that helped them survive their childhood become more and more difficult to come by to attain "quality of life" care that allows them to return to school, go to work and resume a normal, healthy life. 

This week, we talk with Dr. Santi Bhagat, founder of Physician-Parent Caregivers (PPC), an advocate working to provide the necessary treatment and support systems so that this population can grow into truly healthy adults and are able to function socially and contribute economically to society.

For anyone who has a chronically ill child, or knows of a family facing these circumstances - this is an important episode that you will want to catch.  Join Us!

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