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Monday, May 7, 2012

Hurricane Season 2012: Tropical Cyclone 19S (Southern Indian Ocean)

Tropical Cyclone 19S Has Formed Northeast of Timor

19S has formed northeast of Timor, and is expected to veer southwest, intensifying steadily to about 50 knots. After Thursday, atmospheric conditions will deteriorate, prompting a weakening trend as the storm veers west.

It should be pointed out that BOM Australia and RSMC Jakarta project a course further north, closer to Timor, with maximum winds of 30 knots.

Warning 01A from JTWC at 0900 GMT
Position 6.9S 129.3E
Location 345 miles NNW of Darwin, Australia
Maximum sustained winds 35 knots gusting to 45 knots
Movement 115° (ESE) at 11 knots
Threatened landmasses Timor
Maximum significant wave height 10 feet
Next warning from JTWC at 2100 GMT
Regional warnings (in Indonesian) from RSMC Jakarta

Image Credit: Navy/NRL
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