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Friday, May 4, 2012

Joint Venture Combines Strength of Corporate Capabilities to Cover Broad Technology Spectrum

QinetiQ North America, Wyle and Kratos Form QWK Integrated Solutions

Huntsville, Ala. – Officials with QinetiQ North America, Wyle, and Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Fusion Solutions, Inc. recently announced forming QWK Integrated Solutions, LLC (QWK) -- a joint venture that combines the legacy of enduring local affiliations strengthened by the influence of extended corporate resources.  The initial pursuit of QWK will be the D3I contract in support of SMDC/ARSTRAT.

The D3I program will provide the Army with rapid design, development, demonstration, and integration of technology to support the mission of SMDC/ARTSTRAT and the Warfighter.  QWK addresses these needs uniquely by leveraging corporate depth, experience with joint ventures, and comprehensive technological capabilities of both the partner companies and the teaming partners.

QinetiQ North America's Executive Vice President and General Manager of Lifecycle Solutions Dave Shrum said, “QinetiQ North America is dedicated to making tomorrow's technology work today. QWK Integrated Solutions is just one more way we can best support our customers and the ultimate needs of the Warfighter. QinetiQ is honored to join with Wyle and Kratos to make that happen.” 

Wyle President and General Manager of the Wyle CAS Group Dr. George C. Prueitt explained, “The QWK Joint Venture is focused on Warfighter solutions and technology developments for SMDC/ARSTRAT.  Our goal is to foster long-term teaming relationships to provide government customers with best value capabilities and optimal solutions.”

Kratos President of the Weapon Systems Solutions Segment Richard Selvaggio added, "Kratos is excited to be a part of this exceptional team.   D3I is a strategic opportunity for our company, and QWK provides a vehicle to apply our full corporate capabilities as well as those of our joint venture partners. QWK provides the agility and depth to support current customers and accommodate future growth of the Command."

Each of the three joint venture partners will bring the best of technology design, development, demonstration, and integration capabilities, facilities, and experience to the QWK partnership in order to provide the highest-quality solutions for the D3I program.                                                                      

About QinetiQ North America
An independent, innovative defense and security technology solutions provider, QinetiQ North America’s 50-year legacy of customer intimacy and proven performance continues in globally honored technological capabilities and solutions. With over a billion dollars a year in revenue, QNA operates with small company speed and agility while leveraging significant global resources. More than 5,300 QNA engineers, scientists and other professionals deliver high-quality products and services to agencies and customers worldwide.  They combine detailed mission knowledge with proven, reliable tools and methodologies to meet the rapidly changing demands of national defense, homeland security, and information assurance customers.

About Wyle
As one of the nation’s leading providers of specialized engineering, scientific and technical services, Wyle serves its customers with superior knowledge and service.  Areas of expertise include test and evaluation, systems engineering and information technology, life cycle and acquisition program management, life sciences research, space medical operations and engineering, and qualification testing for natural and induced environments.  Wyle is recognized as a leading provider of specialized engineering, scientific, and technical services to the Department of Defense, NASA, and a variety of commercial customers. With 4,800 highly specialized and dedicated employees at 50+ primary facilities nationwide, the company generates annual revenues of approximately $1.1 billion from its core customers, the Department of Defense, NASA, and the nation’s leading aerospace contractors.

About Kratos Defense & Security Solutions
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS) is a specialized National Security technology business providing mission critical products, services and solutions for United States National Security priorities.  Kratos’ core capabilities are sophisticated engineering, manufacturing and system integration offerings for National Security platforms and programs. Kratos’ areas of expertise include Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR), satellite communication systems, unmanned systems, cyber warfare, cyber security, information assurance, critical infrastructure security and weapons systems sustainment.  Kratos has primarily an engineering and technical oriented work force of approximately 4,000, the majority of whom hold an active National Security clearance, including Secret, Top Secret and higher.  The vast majority of Kratos’ work is performed on a military base, in a secure facility or at a critical infrastructure location.  Kratos’ primary end customers are United States Federal Government agencies, including the Department of Defense, classified agencies, intelligence agencies and Homeland Security related agencies.

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