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Thursday, April 30, 2015

FBI Issues Hacktivist Threat Alert

A recent FBI public service announcement alert warns that law enforcement personnel and public officials may be at an increased risk of cyber-attacks. These attacks can be precipitated by someone scanning networks or opening infected emails containing malicious attachments or links. Hacking collectives are effective at leveraging open source, publicly available information identifying officers, their employers and their families. Officers and public officials should be aware of their online presence and exposure. For example, posting images wearing uniforms displaying name tags or listing their police department on social media sites can increase an officer's risk of being targeted or attacked.

Many legitimate online posts are linked directly to personal social media accounts. Law enforcement personnel and public officials need to maintain an enhanced awareness of the content they post and how it may reflect on themselves, their family, their employer or how it could be used against them in court or during online attacks. To read the full alert announcement and how to defend against hacktivism, go to

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