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Thursday, January 27, 2011

NASA Adminstrator Charles Bolden To Speak To Richmond Students Visit Follows President Obama's Call To Make Education And Innovation National Priorities

Ann Marie Trotta
Headquarters, Washington                                    
Mary M. Skora
Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.
Robin Newton
MathScience Innovation Center, Richmond, Va.

WASHINGTON -- NASA Administrator Charles Bolden meets with seventh and eighth grade students from Albert Hill Middle School this Friday at the MathScience Innovation Center in Richmond, Va. Bolden will highlight the importance of science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, education as he shares his career experiences in the military and the space program. In his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, President Obama emphasized the importance of STEM education for the U.S. to remain competitive in the world and win the future.

U.S. Senator Mark Warner is scheduled to join the administrator and science center executives for this special NASA student event on Friday, Jan. 28, at 10 a.m. EST. Bolden's remarks will begin around

Media representatives interested in attending should contact Robin Newton at 804-343-6525 x227 by Thursday, Jan. 27. The MathScience Innovation Center is located at
2401 Hartman Street
in Richmond.

The MathScience Innovation Center's goal is to be the innovator, incubator and advocate of 21st Century math and science programs for the Virginia-capital region's kindergarten through 12th grade educators and students. It also houses the Challenger Center Learning Center Richmond. January 28 will mark the 25th anniversary of the loss of space shuttle Challenger astronauts.

In his first education address of 2011, Bolden will reinforce NASA's commitment to STEM education and highlight opportunities for students who pursue those fields. STEM studies are a key part of NASA's effort to build the agency's future high-tech workforce and cultivate the next generation of explorers.

In addition to hearing from Bolden and Warner, the students will have an opportunity to engage in hands-on activities related to science and exploration. Education staff from NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., will lead the activities.

For information about NASA's education programs, visit

For information about the MathScience Innovation Center, visit

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