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Monday, January 31, 2011

SEO Specials – You do the Homework, we cut the price

Relevant links from credible websites is the object of any SEO campaign. We have three campaigns in February: Interior Contextual Links; Name the Phrase Blog Links; and, You write the Homepage contextual link:

Interior Contextual Links
We are offering contextual links from any interior page on any existing text (which is not already linked, 3 word phrase maximum) on the following sites for two years, $25 per link. You do the homework, find the right word or phrase that matches your SEO efforts and we will provide the link:

Name the Phrase
You name the word or phrase that fits into one of our blog posts and it becomes a permanent feature of that post. We blog dozens of times a day, with up to 49 co-authors on one blog. When the word or phrase comes up in a new blog entry, we link it to your website for $25 per link. The post stays active until archived per the rules of the vendor. For most blog posts this is at least one year.

You Write the Homepage Contextual Link
Over the years we have published a number of sub-domains. You write the contextual link for the homepage of the site and we will publish it and link it to your website. Two years for $25.

To order your links, send an email to

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