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Monday, January 10, 2011


BOSTON, January 10, 2011 – U.S.-based Salient Stills, the leader in video forensics and image enhancement, today announced VideoFOCUS Pro has been adopted by the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Polish Police (CFLP), as the standard for video forensics systems.  Each of the country’s eight crime labs is now using VideoFOCUS Pro for processing crime scene and surveillance videos.

VideoFOCUS Pro is an excellent addition to the forensics tools used by crime labs, especially given the increase in crime scene video available to investigators.  Using innovative processing algorithms, VideoFOCUS Pro is the leading video forensics tool for law enforcement.

“In a single application, we can encompass what otherwise requires multiple video capture and processing applications,” said a CFLP spokesperson.  “Adopting VideoFOCUS Pro as our video forensics technology standard made it easier for us to adopt the technology and use it in the field to speed investigations.”

“Polish law enforcement agencies are using more and more crime scene and surveillance video to advance investigations.  However, these videos are often of poor quality, and can require technical processing skills to extract usable videos and stills,” said Laura Teodosio, president and CEO of Salient Stills.  “By using VideoFOCUS Pro, CFLP investigators can quickly isolate the videos they want, convert them to popular video formats, download them to their own PCs, and process them for clearer video sequences and stills.  This speeds investigations and supports prosecutions.  The CFLP adoption reflects our strong international presence and continued expansion throughout Europe.”

“By standardizing on VideoFOCUS Pro, CFLP crime labs not only have the latest video forensics technology to process crime scene video, but also ensure that investigators are working with the same, familiar technology no matter what lab they are working from,” said Bogdan Wojciechowski, owner and CEO of DAVE (Digital Audio Video Equipment), a provider of video and audio solutions, headquartered in Warsaw.  “DAVE managed the standardization of VideoFOCUS Pro by the crime labs, and oversaw the sale and installation of the systems at each lab.”

The purchase of the video forensics systems was supported by a Norway Grant, titled “Creation of the Forensic Teams Supporting Law Enforcement Agencies and Judiciary in the Area of Combating Crime.”  These grants are funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, to advance European social and economic progress.

European law enforcement agencies can obtain more information about VideoFOCUS Pro by visiting Salient Stills’ booth at the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) 2011 exhibition, to be held this March in the UK.

About Salient Stills
Founded in 1997, Salient Stills is a leading video forensics and image enhancement software company.  Salient Stills introduced its technology to answer the need for an efficient and effective video image enhancement solution.  VideoFOCUS Pro and VF Source are video forensics solutions in use by law enforcement, security and military and intelligence agencies.  For more information on Salient Stills visit

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