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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Naval Academy Students Contributing to STEM Education

By John Ohab

Ensign Cooper is a recent graduate from the United States Naval Academy Ocean Engineering program. He worked on STEM outreach for three years in conjunction with the Naval Academy including SeaPerch activities. Currently he is in nuclear training to be a submariner.

The United States Naval Academy is one of the most exciting and rewarding undergraduate institutions in America. Students come from all across the globe and work together to develop into young Navy and Marine Corps Officers. Yet this is not the only mission that is taken on while at the Naval Academy. Students are also helping answer another need in our country, a higher focus on science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Naval Academy students contribute to STEM outreach in many different ways. One of the largest methods of engaging K-12 students in STEM is through SeaPerch, an innovative program in which students learn engineering principles by building remotely operated vehicles. Also, week-long STEM Camps are held during the summers that are led by Midshipman for rising 8th-11th graders. Midshipman and faculty interact with the students each day to demonstrate exciting aspects of STEM subjects.

Midshipmen also contribute to STEM activities by creating new and exciting activities that are sbased on their research and coursework. One such activity is the Concrete Boats, where students construct their own small boats out of various concrete mixes, which is based on a larger Midshipman project where they design and build a concrete canoe.

Naval Academy Midshipman and Faculty also contributed to the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. The Naval Academy had numerous activities on display that demonstrated the fun and exciting world of STEM.

STEM Outreach is critical to developing a new generation of engineers not only for the Department of Defense but for our nation as a whole to help tackle the unforeseen challenges that lay ahead. Midshipman and faculty at the United States Naval Academy have recognized that need and are working everyday to help fulfill the needs of America.

The United States Naval Academy gives young men and women the up-to-date academic and professional training needed to be effective naval and marine officers in their assignments after graduation.

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